What am I looking for?

JasonI am seeking a challenging and engaging career in software development. Something that keeps my interest and rewards my efforts. I love working with software that goes along with hardware. Being able to control harware using software gives me a lot of joy. I am looking for a place where I can challenge myself and others as a software engineer and be able to enrich myself along the way. 

I'm right at the last leg of completing my pilots license and would like to encorporate this into my career some day. I have dreams, but will need to do more planning before those can be accomplished.

The company I end up at will be a comfortable environment where I feel free to share my ideas. The place I go will be growing company with a hopeful future. The company will be directed by those who think progressively. It will be a place that has a grasp on how to run a project and not have week after week of forced overtime. It will be a place that understands the wants and needs of their employees and has the desire to seek them out.

Where have I been Working?

Aircraft Systems Software Engineering Lead // Urban Robotics // 05.12 - 07.13

  • C++ debugging and development using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 on primary product which controlled aircraft image acquisition using numerous sensors, lenses and GPS location hardware.
  • Pushed and implemented unit testing and code-reviews to application development flow.
  • Replaced application logging in suite of products to a log4j style of logging using log4cxx.
  • C# and VB.NET stability improvements to suite of .NET products along with the creation of in-house Visual Studio tools.
  • Supported the aircraft system at different customer sites across the US in-person with international support done in Portland.
  • Improved application suite installer after learning to use the Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System.

Website: http://www.urbanrobotics.net
Phone: 503.224.9239


.NET Developer // Viewpoint Construction Software // 04.10 - Present

  • Enterprise application development in VB.NET and C#.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 accompanied by the use of Tortoise SVN (Subversion) for source control.
  • Database development and design using Microsoft SQL; gaining a stronger understanding of stored procedures, views, and other database coding standards.
  • Agile team development with developers, QA, and a project manager for six of the thirty modules in our system.
  • Gained an understanding of the construction process focused around Project Management.

Website: http://www.viewpointcs.com
Phone: 503.684.4848


 Software Engineer // International Game Technology (IGT) // 08.08 - 04.10

  • Key contributor for the messaging and UI of the “QuickPay” component in the industry-changing IGT sbX Suite which drove sales with the successful deployment of the new $8.6 billion CityCenter Aria Casino.
  • Product lifecycle management using Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Hewlett-Packard Quality Center, Rational DOORS, and Enterprise Architect.
  • System application development in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.
  • Transactional database and UML design with Microsoft SQL and Enterprise Architect.
  • Unit and functional testing as well as Product Assurance (PA) support for release components.
  • Development and support across 16 teams working on 22 cohesive products.
  • Product installer development using Flexera InstallShield 2009 and 2010.

Website: http://www.igt.com
Phone: 775.448.7777


MECOP Software Engineer Intern // Garmin AT // 06.07 - 12.07

  • Implemented and tested FAA certified software for the Garmin 430/530 Embedded Avionics Products.
  • Embedded software development in ANSI C using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.
  • Lifecycle Management using Borland StarTeam.
  • Processed and wrote multiple test plans for the Garmin products operability with other manufactures’ devices.
  • Modified product design requirements to increase relationship between software and documentation.
  • Worked in a team environment to diagnose and fix over 15% of found software defects.
  • Created new startup sequence for the Garmin products which added to the overall device experience.

Website: http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/site/us/intheair/
Phone: 800.525.6726

Done any additional activities?

International Traveler // Experiences blogged. // 09.13 - 02.14

  • Accomplished a dream of mine to do some long term travel by taking a trip around the south pacific experiencing ten countries: China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Website: http://www.vicliv.org


Volunteer // Hands on Portland // 07.13 - 09.13

  • Taught refugee kids how to play soccer, handed out over two thousand backpacks to elementary schools, created science lab kits, cleaned donated books, picked ivy out of parks, and shopped for those in need.
  • Volunteered 20+ hours of service.

Website: http://www.handsonportland.org/
Phone: 503.200.3355

What have I learned?

Azimuth Aviation(www.lookingtothesky.com)

  • Fixed-wing Single-Engine Private Pilot // (Estimated date of completion, March 2014)
  • Total Hours: 81.4 hours (September 2013)
  • Total Landings: 295

Oregon Institute of Technology (www.oit.edu)

  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering Technology // (Graduated, June 2008)
  • Associate of Engineering in Computer Engineering Technology
  • Minor in Business
  • Honors: Cum Laude

Chemeketa Community College (www.chemeketa.edu)

  • Associate of Applied Science in Networking Technology // (Graduated, Sept. 2008)

Technical Languages, Environments, and Tools









    Microsoft Windows
    Agile Development Methods
    Microsoft SQL

    Microsoft Visual Studio
    Team Foundation Studio
    HG Mercurial/Tortoise SVN
    Mantis Bug Tracker

    Flexera Installshield
    Nullsoft Installer System (NSIS)
    Logging (log4j/log4cxx)
    Enterprise Architect



    • Strong leadership and interpersonal communication skills built through academic and work experiences. 
    • Small team co-operative management including goal setting, task delegation, and conflict resolution.
    • Enterprise software development at every stage of the software lifecycle: analysis and design, implementation, and maintenance.
    How do you reach me?

    phone. 541.791.6659
    email. jason at gilldev dot net
    website. blog.gilldev.net


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    Can you download my resume?
    A few projects of mine...

    Piratopia - Three-term Senior Project

    • Designed and developed a fast-paced, online, multi-player, treasure hunting, battle pirate game using Microsoft XNA and C#.
    • Three stages of creation: design, development, and quality assurance.


    Project Longshot - Three-term Junior Project

    • Led a four-person team to develop a multiplayer cooperative puzzle solving game built on a three-tiered architecture (User Interface, Game Object Layer, and Persistence).
    • Performed project management tasks: modeled use case and class diagrams, put together a requirement specification and developed a Gantt chart to organize the requirements.


    Distracted Attraction – Experimental Gameplay Project

    • Developed a game for a contest based on the theme “attraction” in three evenings. Written in C++ using Haaf’s game engine.
    • You play as cupid to bring a couple back together by destroying the tainted love in their lives.


    Princess Teacher – Graphical User Interfaces Class

    • Created this project using WIN32 API and a few libraries for my niece who, at the time, was turning three.
    • Select one of the princesses and play either a counting, adding, reading, alphabet, or color level.

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