Piratopia – Senior Project

  • A multi-player pirate game designed to allow the user to play in a multi-player environment and then be able to take their captain into a single player environment and use all the same attributes.
  • Currently in the design phase of the project.

Project Longshot – Junior Project

  • Project lead for a 4-person team developing a multiplayer cooperative puzzle solving game built on a 3-tiered architecture (UI, Game Object Layer, and Persistence).
  • Implemented enterprise software design skills: modeling use case and class diagrams, putting together a requirement specification and developing a Gantt chart organizing our progress and requirements.

Distracted Attraction – Experimental Gameplay Project

  • Developed in three evenings for a contest based on the theme “attraction”. Written in C++ using Haaf’s game engine.
  • You play as cupid to bring a couple back together by destroying the tainted love in their lives.

Princess Teacher – Graphical User Interfaces Class

  • Created this project using WIN32 API and a few libraries for my niece who, at the time, was turning three.
  • Select one of the princesses and play either a counting, adding, reading, alphabet, or color level.