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White Screen of Death :(

It’s quite a funny term to use – however it really is a screen of death.  Thankfully I was able to save myself.  Here is what I did.

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Search engines, you…

…are my heros. Especially Google.

As someone who recently graduated from college (June 2008) and became employed shortly after (August 2008, by choice), the fact that I have Google and other search engines available to me make my life so much easier when developing software.

There are so many different solutions out there on the web that are at the tip of my finger and when I get stuck not understanding a subject or unable to figure out a solution; I’m so very thankful that all I need is to do a search.

This is my thanks and shout out to free search engines!

Want to build a blog/site?

I’ve decided that I could be of help to those who are wanting to build their own website or blog.

I don’t mind answering questions, so please contact me if you would like any help.

If you would like more than just a few questions answered, then please let me know and I’ll let you know how my prices vary.  From Basics to Complete Awesomeness!


I Love You Man

Last night I went and saw the movie, I Love You Man, with a couple friends and my girlfriend. My goodness, that movie was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long time. If you haven’t yet seen it, get out there and watch it ASAP!!!! Totally worth it.

My new (amazing) pc…

I decided that I finally need to make a new computer.  I got some hookups to create it for cheap, so I did.  If you wanna see what’s inside, click for more.

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