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Burning Man 2014

By S. Reutiman

The 105 foot Man

Last Monday, Burning Man 2014 came to a close for me.  I was sad to leave this new home of mine, but glad to get back to greener pastures (literally, it was a white desert out there and getting back to green Oregon was so great!).  My experience of the event was very positive and left me wanting more.  I’m not going to go into details about all of my experiences at Burning Man, however I will give some highlights and incites (plus some pretty pictures). Read the rest of this entry


Today I had the pleasure of running with my friend Paige from multiple hordes of zombies. Read the rest of this entry

Today starts the Oregon Brewers Festival at the Waterfront Park in downtown Portland.  If you’ve never been to a beer festival, you should probably come to this.  Tons of people come to this and it gets crazy loud (especially on the weekend evenings).  With the rejoicing of empty kegs, the downing of loads of beer, and the enjoyment of the volunteers pouring; it’s a good time to be had by all.

This year is my first year Read the rest of this entry