This Saturday I’m departing off to go adventuring in Costa Rica!

I had originally planned to go with my roommate to Costa Rica and then to Puerto Vallarta to hang out on a sail boat.  However, plans changed as they always seem to do and now it’ll be just me, myself, and I going on an incredible adventure.

I’m keeping it pretty light in terms of planning. I got my ticket (used airway miles I had and $50), I’ve booked my first few nights in some hostels (< $15 a night), and other than that I’m just leaving the trip open and flexible. I figure this is the best way to travel while on my own. It’ll give me a chance to not be held down by my plans and be open to meeting new people and going to random destinations with them.

If you feel like knowing my travel plans as they are planned out, go here:

Pictures are soon to come after I go on this adventure, so stay tuned!