Today I had the pleasure of running with my friend Paige from multiple hordes of zombies.  We drove out to Burnt Ridge MX course to do the Run For Your Lives 5k between Portland and Seattle.  A run which took us from a building with dangling electrified wires, to mud pits, multiple hills, a rad maze, a forested area, and lots and lots of zombies.  It ended with an amazing slide into a pool of water (extremely dirty water), and then sliding through mud and finishing by climbing under a metal fence.  It was a complete dirty blast!  We both ended up losing our three flags to the horde, but we had a blast making our way through the run.

I’ll definitely do this again, though hopefully this time it won’t be the hottest day of the summer!  Running in 90+ degree whether from zombies is no fun.  If the zombie apocalypse takes place, be you’re not in Phoenix, AZ or some crazy hot place!

Keep adventuring – Jason

Here’s a video of how some of these races go down: