Today starts the Oregon Brewers Festival at the Waterfront Park in downtown Portland.  If you’ve never been to a beer festival, you should probably come to this.  Tons of people come to this and it gets crazy loud (especially on the weekend evenings).  With the rejoicing of empty kegs, the downing of loads of beer, and the enjoyment of the volunteers pouring; it’s a good time to be had by all.

This year is my first year volunteering.  I’m not sure which brewer I’ll be pouring four, though I’m sure it doesn’t really matter.  Generally if you volunteer it gives you access to the festival for a discounted price, however this year I’m unable to attend until the end of Sunday because I’m headed off to Pendleton for a friend’s wedding.  Oh well, that should be a great time with some awesome friends.

Some exciting news I wanted to share is that since I stopped drinking more than a sip here and there, and began paying attention to how much and what I put in my belly, I’ve lost a few pounds since Thursday.  Now quickly losing weight isn’t usually a good idea, but I figured I had more “water weight” that was hanging around that was good to get rid of.  I’ve also been doing a great job on getting exercise.  Not as much as I was while in Virginia, but I did walk back and forth to and from work yesterday (5 miles round trip).  It was an excellent day for it.  I’ve also been riding my bike as much as I can (though I need to fix my tire which goes flat all the time).

All in all, I’m doing quite well and excited for changes to come.  Today at 7:30pm I’m finally playing kickball again with my kickball team – Milk Was A Bad Choice – and I’m super excited!

Leave comments of encouragement below or questions that I can answer!