I realize that I haven’t done a great job with updating my blog on changes in my life.

Since my update of me going to Sasquatch, I’ve had a number of changes and gone on some awesome adventures:

  • New manager at my job – this change has made my job much more enjoyable because my new manager has some great plans on integrating me into the team
  • Trip to Florida – went with some friends to Key West, Florida and had an amazing time
  • We Won – the kickball team I’m on finally won our first match after getting back from Florida
  • World Domination Summit – I went to this Portland conference which taught me skills on creating a business and pursuing my dreams
  • Working in Virginia – Left on the 9th to head to Bridgewater, VA where I’m learning and helping with our system by actually flying in the planes (it’s awesome!!!)

With all these past adventures, I’ve began to put a lot of thought into my personal wellness.  So, starting on the 10th, I began working out almost every day (took a couple days off to rest) and have been feeling soooo much better.  On top of that, since I’ve been drinking so much lately, I’ve decided that starting on the upcoming Friday, I’ll be giving up alcohol for a month.  I just want to appreciate it more than I do and taking a break from it will be good for my fat loss I’m going for.  I’m also planning to cook more rather than go out all the time.  I like to cook, and I haven’t done it enough lately.  So that means you can hit me up if you want to cook together!  Another big thing is that I’m going to attempt to do a better job at spending time with friends that I care about.  I tend to split myself so much and attempt to be friends with everyone, but this occasionally lets friendships that I REALLY care about feel less important.  So I’m going to work on that.

On top of all this, I’m focusing a lot of time studying to finish my pilots license!  It’s gonna happen!!!

Thanks for checking out my update!  Please leave a comment below with some encouraging comments!