I’ve never gone through the loss of a pet as a child. We had pets, but I was never aware of them “passing” and none that were so close to me in the last few years in my life before they passed.  I did have a dog, Malakai, an amazing goofy dog who was hit by a car while being looked after in California, but at the time I was no longer his owner…but still extremely sad.

Remmy passed away this morning after she stopped eating and began to stop moving as much. I had to water her by hand last night as I propped her mouth open and this morning as I was freaking out trying to figure out what to do, she stopped moving completely.

Remmy, originally Remmington, lived a good life with lots of people friends.  She was at first thought to be a boy, but in the last couple months I found out he was actually a she.

She sadly didn’t have any other reptiles to hang out with, but definitely made me and many others happy.  I loved that lizard and was so glad to share the last almost three years with her.  Hopefully those who have been able to meet her will remember her for being a happy and loving (as much as a scaly lizard could be) pet.

Remmy, you’ll truly be missed!

Love you,