Come this Friday (March 23rd), I’ll be having my last day at Coaxis Inc./Viewpoint Construction Software.  I’ve had a great couple of years at this company and quite sad about leaving.  The people have been the best part and how the company treats the people there is fantastic.

The reason I’m leaving is I’ve been given an opportunity to join another company in the Portland area.  The company is Urban Robotics.  A company that I’ve considered looking into for some time.  My buddy Bobby works there and told me so many good things about the place.  The biggest reason I even considered applying was seeing his positive attitude when it came to the work he has been doing at UR.  I could clearly see that he enjoyed what he is doing and I miss having that joy.

I’m not positive everything I’ll be doing, but I’ll be doing C++ development on 2D/3D image processing software primarily for the department of defense involved around aerial photography.  What all it entails, I’m not totally sure, but I know I’ll be challenged and using some skills I haven’t used in some time, so I’m truly excited and nervous about the change.  I’ll also get to work on new hardware and cool software.  Always good things!

My start date at UR is May 1st, so I’ll be enjoying a nice break between jobs.  During this time I’m focusing really hard on finishing up my pilots license, taking a couple trips, and doing a lot of stuff in the outdoors.  Should be a great break!

Here’s to whatever the future holds!  I’m so excited for my next adventure!

Jason ¬_¬