After a lot of dreaming, my friend Janel and I are finally making our way to Europe.  We’re stopping in three countries: Germany, France, and Ireland.

First stop is Munich, Germany.  Leaving PDX on September 27th and arriving on the 28th into Munich.  We’ll stay for four nights in Germany doing all we can in the short time we’re there.  One big event we’re hitting up is Oktoberfest!  We’re leaving October 2nd.

Next stop will be Paris, France after a long train ride.  Not sure what we’re doing there yet, but whatever we do will be awesome. We’ll be there from October 2nd to the 6th.

Our final destination is Dublin, Ireland.  We’ll be here from the 6th of October to the 10th when we fly back to Portland.
Not sure what kinda trouble we’re going to get into, however I know it’ll be a fun ride!

Here’s to a new adventure!!!