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PAX 2010 is coming soon!

It’s that time of year again!  I’m going to PAX 2010 this year (September 3rd – 5th), and am looking to see who is going with me?  I’m doing group registration again (Which means 3-day passes for $50 instead of $5 – nothing huge, but it adds up).

If you want to be on the list, then let me know soon.  My deadline for getting this list together is going to be June 1st at 10am PST.

Let me know soon if you’re planning on going to PAX and want to do group tickets.

On top of this is the decision on how people want to congregate.  Whether we all want to share a room, multiple rooms, or even if the interest is there, a house in the area!

Same time frame on this too so that I can get the reservation into the hotels or house in time!

Thanks guys and gals!


Portland Code Camp

Portland Code Camp

This weekend I went to Portland Code Camp, and I am so glad I did.  This years FREE event, hosted at the University of Portland, had over a thousand people in its attendance, nearly fifty plus speakers, and seven sessions with a dozen or more topics in each to attend.  I ended up attending a number of different session topics ranging from mobile phone development to parallel programming; all of which were quite stellar.  On top of the sessions there were prizes that could be won by the different sponsors at the event (one being a 320GB SSD Hard Drive, WOW!!!)  There was food and snacks provided throughout the day with the dinner including complimentary been and wine.  I didn’t stay for the final session (after dinner), but either way I had a blast and learned quite a bit while also filling my belly!

Be sure to follow the site for next years event schedule, for it will be even bigger than this one!

– Jason

Coaxis Logo

Since I haven’t updated for a while, I figured I’d share what is going on.

As of yesterday, I have been working at my new job working at Coaxis (aka. Viewpoint Construction Software). I started on April 19th after leaving IGT on April 9th. The new job change was due to IGT deciding to close the Corvallis location and my desire to stick in Oregon. So far, it has been a wise decision.

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