If you haven’t tried out Boxee for your media pc software, then I recommend you get going and try it out. Boxee is fantastic with very easy to use software.  I installed this great piece of work onto my main pc and my home theater pc and it just rocks.  It is able to grab your tv shows and movie files on your computer (or another computer on your network) and actually find out what show it ties to, what episode it is, what season it is for, and also if available online, an image about the show, and a description with a possible rating.  It does this for TV shows and also pulls the box art for movies as well.

Don’t have any shows on your computer…that is just fine, it’ll also list shows online and tell you which link it recommends (whether Hulu, ABC, NBC, etc.).  If you have an episode on your machine however, it’ll recommend that first, then show other locations for the episode available online.  It is also great to watch YouTube videos and others.

I really recommend this software for Windows, Unix, Macs, etc.