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Yesterday, I finished reading one of Chris Guillebeau’s manifestos, A Brief Guide to World Domination.  Let me first start out by telling you that you can read this for yourself, free!

Second, this guide is geared for those who want to do more than they currently are doing, to become someone more than they are, and help others in the process.  If that is you, then get reading (less than 30 pages).

It is a great read, and definitely gets you thinking. So go out there, and get your hands on the guide today.


Boxee rocks!


If you haven’t tried out Boxee for your media pc software, then I recommend you get going and try it out. Boxee is fantastic with very easy to use software.  I installed this great piece of work onto my main pc and my home theater pc and it just rocks.  It is able to grab your tv shows and movie files on your computer (or another computer on your network) and actually find out what show it ties to, what episode it is, what season it is for, and also if available online, an image about the show, and a description with a possible rating.  It does this for TV shows and also pulls the box art for movies as well.

Don’t have any shows on your computer…that is just fine, it’ll also list shows online and tell you which link it recommends (whether Hulu, ABC, NBC, etc.).  If you have an episode on your machine however, it’ll recommend that first, then show other locations for the episode available online.  It is also great to watch YouTube videos and others.

I really recommend this software for Windows, Unix, Macs, etc.


Chris Guillebeau

Thursday I had the fantastic opportunity to meet-up with Chris Guillebeau, author of blog “The Art of Non-Conformity” and creator of Unconventional Guides (.com).  It was great to be able to meet with someone who is doing so much and has such extravagant goals. Chris, resident of Portland, traveler of the globe, is doing what he wants to do in life (without the 9-5 job).  His goal of traveling the globe and visiting every country enlightens me so much.

Being able to meet with Chris and ask him how he got his start makes me realize that with the right amount of effort, I could do something similar.  Chris gave me some great advice and was kind enough to also point me to some other blogs and helpful books.  What a genuinely nice individual.  If you haven’t clicked on the links above yet, then get on it.  He has some amazing posts (1, 2, 3) that will really get you thinking.  He also has some great guides that are really worth the money and pay off multiple times over (I’ve already earned 100,000 miles off of his Frequent Flyer Master guide).

I am so excited to begin traveling more and seeing the world, and though I am not ready to rid my life of my career in Software Engineering (cause I actually enjoy it), I do realize that life is more than just working. There is so much to see and do in the world, and it just isn’t possible to view it all on just a few weeks of vacation a year. Thankfully I enjoy what I do and am willing to continue working away, growing my career, saving up money and paying off debt.  However this won’t be my mindset forever.  🙂

Here’s to my next journey,