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Work so far…

Well I’ve been here at IGT for a week and two days.  So far it has been up and down.  At first I was told that I wouldn’t be receiving my computer for a couple weeks, then I got it the second day.  Then I was told that I wouldn’t be receiving my signing bonus until the end of August, then I got it the first Friday after I started!  I was also told I’d be receiving my badge which lets me into the labs and the entrance to the building we’re in on Friday…well I still haven’t received that.  That is mainly due to the fact that they don’t keep track of paper work they have people fill out too well.

That was a big frustration at first.  I was sent a packet of papers to fill out, however since I didn’t have the address of where I would be moving, I had to put down my parents’ address.  That works, but it isn’t quite accurate.  When I got here I then had to fill out a few pages that I already did, but it wasn’t too big a deal.

Outside of the stresses of not receiving things on time, things have been better since I did receive the important things early.  I’ve been working on learning about what it is I was hired for.  I can’t tell too much, however it is the future of IGT, which is a pretty great feeling that I’m on such an important project.  It has been quite boring, frustrating, overwhelming, and interesting since I’ve been here due to everything I have to know.  Most of what I’ve been doing has been dealing with learning about the new system and trying to get it all understood…well there is much more than I was ever expecting.  Hopefully things will sink in soon and I can get onto helping my colleagus out.

Well that’s work stuff.  I’ll post later on how things are outside of here.


Start of my career…

Wow what has happened since I last posted…

Well I finished my senior project, Piratopia.

I finished all of the required classesI needed.

I graduated from college with a BS in Software Engineering, an AE in Computer Engineering, and a minor in business.

Went to Washington and Canada for fourteen days.

Watched a couple weddings.

Moved into my new appartment in Corvallis.

And now today I start the first day (at IGT) of my lasting career.

Hopefully everything goes well which I am sure it will.

I’ll post later.