Once again I’ve slacked on updating my site.  I have no good excuse except that I’ve been quite busy with school this term.  To think that I have roughly 22 days till graduation comes around.  Once it comes around I’ll be enjoying some time off for about six weeks.  After that I’ll be taking on the title of Software Engineer I at International Game Technology.  Though it wasn’t my first pick, the thought of working there sure has grown on me.  I’m definitely looking forward to what the Corvallis area will bring. 

I’ll explain a bit more.  At the end of March I accepted an offer with IGT in the Corvallis location to work in the Server Base group doing C# development work.  Sounds like it’ll be quite interesting.  I just hope I am able to make many friends and that it is a great start to my future.  I’ll definitely miss the people I became friends with at Garmin, however I’ll do my best to keep in contact with them and perhaps one day I’ll apply with them for another shot working on their exciting products.

As for today, I’m currently driving down with 14 students to Santa Clarita, California (next to LA).  We’ll be heading to Six Flags tomorrow (opening of X2 that day!), then to Santa Monica State Beach on Sunday, followed with West Hollywood on Monday.  It’s going to be a blast of a trip!

I don’t know if people are reading this anymore, so if you are, please comment and let me know I still have interested people!


Until next time (which will be sooner),