I realized that I haven’t updated my site for quite a while.  I blame this on the fact that I’ve been so busy with school projects, my on-campus jobs, and looking for a job.  It’s been quite an intense term so far and not looking like its going to calm down any time soon.  The term ends towards the end of March so hopefully spring break will be fun and a worth while break.  I’ve got another term of five classes starting around April 1st, and I’m hoping it’ll be much nicer.  I’ve got three classes scheduled on site at OIT next term with two online through Chemeketa.  Shouldn’t be too bad of a term though.

Well for those who keep up on what I’m doing, here is a quick update.  I hope that you’ll keep in contact and wish me luck on finishing this term and finding an awesome job for after I graduate.

I’ve been slacking on updating “piratopia.com” so I’ll be sure to update that soon as well.  Be sure to take a look there as well.