At 5pm today will be the end of yet another day with Garmin AT. I am reluctant to say that I only have 10 days left with them before heading back down to Klamath Falls to finish my degree. I’ve had a fantastic time working here at Garmin and am looking forward to what possibilities lay in front of me over the next six months of job hunting.

This last Friday I had an on-the-phone technical interview with Microsoft. Received a call at 2:30pm introducing myself to a fella named Vijay. The interview was surprisingly not as difficult as I was expecting. I’ve heard all the nightmare stories of the “evil” questions MS asks, and didn’t get any of them except for asking me how I would go about designing an alarm clock for the visually impaired. Other than that the questions were somewhat technical, but not as technical as I was expecting. The email I received said it would be a “very technical interview, but I can’t say it was. Only pseudo-code answers were asked for and nothing programming language specific. Oh well, at least it went very well and I was able to answer each of the questions I was asked. I was told I should be hearing something in the next two weeks, so I’ll let you know how that all goes.

Last Friday I also had my final MECOP appraisal which went very well. A multiple number of Met and Exceeded Expectations. I was quite glad it went well and really feel that this internship has been a great experience.

Until I write again…

[UPDATE] Instead of the two weeks I was expecting till I heard back from Microsoft, I received an email within two days of the interview on Tuesday from them.  I guess I did well in my phone interview cause they want me to go out to the Redmond, WA location for an on-site interview with them.  I’m looking forward to it, however it’ll be quite nerve racking.  I’ll meet with 3-5 people for a one hour interview with each.  This one will be way more complex than the last, so be praying for me and wish me lots of luck that things go well.