After six whole months of interning here at Garmin AT, I’m finally heading out.  I’ve had a fantastic time being part of the Garmin team and will definitely be looking this way in the next few months as I get closer to graduating.  Hard to believe that the internship has come and gone already.

I’ve learned a lot throughout this ordeal and am extremely glad I took the time out of my sequence to partake of it.  I gained a lot while I was here and have given my fair share of help throughout this internship.

For all those Garmin people who take a look at this, thanks for all the good times and for making me feel like an actual part of the team.  Who knows what will happen later down the road, I may just end up sitting next to a few of you.

This entire internship was totally worth while and I would do another one with Garmin any time (Cept I’d rather have an actual job with them for better pay if nothing else).

I recommend Garmin AT to anyone with an interest in aviation who wants a fantastic job, so go apply as soon as you can!

I’m going to miss this place for sure!