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Bye-bye Garmin

After six whole months of interning here at Garmin AT, I’m finally heading out.  I’ve had a fantastic time being part of the Garmin team and will definitely be looking this way in the next few months as I get closer to graduating.  Hard to believe that the internship has come and gone already.

I’ve learned a lot throughout this ordeal and am extremely glad I took the time out of my sequence to partake of it.  I gained a lot while I was here and have given my fair share of help throughout this internship.

For all those Garmin people who take a look at this, thanks for all the good times and for making me feel like an actual part of the team.  Who knows what will happen later down the road, I may just end up sitting next to a few of you.

This entire internship was totally worth while and I would do another one with Garmin any time (Cept I’d rather have an actual job with them for better pay if nothing else).

I recommend Garmin AT to anyone with an interest in aviation who wants a fantastic job, so go apply as soon as you can!

I’m going to miss this place for sure!


At 5pm today will be the end of yet another day with Garmin AT. I am reluctant to say that I only have 10 days left with them before heading back down to Klamath Falls to finish my degree. I’ve had a fantastic time working here at Garmin and am looking forward to what possibilities lay in front of me over the next six months of job hunting.

This last Friday I had an on-the-phone technical interview with Microsoft. Received a call at 2:30pm introducing myself to a fella named Vijay. The interview was surprisingly not as difficult as I was expecting. I’ve heard all the nightmare stories of the “evil” questions MS asks, and didn’t get any of them except for asking me how I would go about designing an alarm clock for the visually impaired. Other than that the questions were somewhat technical, but not as technical as I was expecting. The email I received said it would be a “very technical interview, but I can’t say it was. Only pseudo-code answers were asked for and nothing programming language specific. Oh well, at least it went very well and I was able to answer each of the questions I was asked. I was told I should be hearing something in the next two weeks, so I’ll let you know how that all goes.

Last Friday I also had my final MECOP appraisal which went very well. A multiple number of Met and Exceeded Expectations. I was quite glad it went well and really feel that this internship has been a great experience.

Until I write again…

[UPDATE] Instead of the two weeks I was expecting till I heard back from Microsoft, I received an email within two days of the interview on Tuesday from them.  I guess I did well in my phone interview cause they want me to go out to the Redmond, WA location for an on-site interview with them.  I’m looking forward to it, however it’ll be quite nerve racking.  I’ll meet with 3-5 people for a one hour interview with each.  This one will be way more complex than the last, so be praying for me and wish me lots of luck that things go well.

Exciting news!

I finished everything I needed to get in for school this last Monday and just found out today that I got an A in all three of my classes!!! That brings my overall GPA, between Chemeketa and OIT, to a 3.52!!! My GPA at just OIT is 3.55 and my GPA with my core classes is 3.75. How great is that.

On top of that, I have a phone interview with Microsoft this this Friday at 2:30pm. Wish me luck if you get a chance. Until then I’m going to do all that I can to prepare for it, and also spend some time applying everywhere else I have in mind.