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After five years, I’m happy to say that this last Tuesday, I finally received my Associates degree in Network Technology from Chemeketa Community College!

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Fall term is coming to an end, which means I have a lot left to do in a short amount of time.  This next Monday I have my senior project design to turn in and my OpenGL Graphics class to finish up and get my project turned in.  I have a good amount to do on both, so wish me luck.

On top of school work I also have my six-month internship coming to an end December 28th.  It’s hard to believe that it’s already been five months since I started working here and it’s coming to an end so soon.  🙁

This new year brings on a whole bunch of new challenges that I’ll have to face.  No longer getting my nice paycheck from Garmin, and having to push myself to the extremes with five classes this term and five the next.  I’ll at least be able to get paid for the work I do for Campus Activities which I start when I return and will also be taking back the presidency position for the Oregon Tech Game Developers.

With so much to do in just six more months of school, I’m quite stressed.  But I know it will all pay off in the end!

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Tomorrow I take off down to Klamath Falls to visit my school, Oregon Institute of Technology. This time I’m not just going down as a student, I’m going down as an employee representing Garmin. Funny thing is that I’m going without being an official employee. I’m an intern and will be for another two months. After that I’ll be in the process of finishing school and looking for a job.

Though I am really looking forward to representing Garmin at the career fair and in the classes we go to visit, I find it kind of nerve wrecking since it will leave me little time to visit potential employers. I think Garmin is a fantastic company and would love to work for them, I just want to keep my options open at this point in time though. Representing Garmin tomorrow and the day after will consume my time to mingle with the other companies since I will be manning the Garmin booth telling students about Garmin. How crazy is that. This is MY career fair as a student, yet I’m going like I am already employed. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. For all I know, I may have the opportunity to drop off a few resumes after all.

I’m looking forward to the next couple days and hope to see a number of fellow students apply and get interviewed for Garmin. After this I come back for work on Wednesday, and then take off that evening to Spokane, Washington for NACA West representing OIT as the entertainment coordinator for Campus Activites. I’ll then return back to Salem next Sunday. What a busy week!

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