It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a new post, so here I go again.

 This last Friday I went on a tour at Boeing in Portland and the Thursday before that (July 26th) I toured at A-Dec.  The tours are setup by the MECOP interns to give a chance for other interns to see the company they are working at.   The program allows for us students to have our employers cover our expenses for 3 afternoon tours.

A-DEC is a dental equipment company who doesn’t just design and manufacture their own dental chairs, but all the fixtures, cabinets, dental lights, and delivery systems.  The tour wasn’t setup for a person in software engineering since it took us around the manufacturing area and just showed us what they did and how they did it.  I can’t say I could see myself working at A-DEC, but the tour was interesting…they had some really cool telescoping monitor stands!

 Boeing on the other hand is a company I could see myself working for.  Probably not the Portland campus where we toured at, but perhaps one of their branches in the Seattle area.  Unlike A-DEC and even Garmin AT, they were very tight with their security.  We had to have background checks and be checked in with badges that couldn’t leave the premises.  I could understand why though; with single pieces costing a half million each and some pretty amazing machinery, it’s understandable that they would be so strict.  They talked about the new 787 they’ve designed and about mentioned that it should be up in the air in the next 2-3 months.  That’s pretty exiting.  We’re talking about a plane that will hold between 210 and 330 passengers depending on the seating configuration.  It’s also going to be more fuel-efficient than the other 7X7s they design and manufacture.  The Portland branch manufactures the parts for the planes and ships them up to Everett, Washington where they get pieced together.  This was a cool company to visit and see how the big planes are made.

 Overall I’ve had a great time touring the companies (and it was nice to get paid doing it too 😉

This upcoming Friday I’ll be touring Credence Systems.  Hopefully this company will have something that perks my interest and has more of an involvement with software.